About Half A Hedgerow

At the start of the ‘ lockdown’ in March 2020 Paul and I both found ourselves at home and unable to go to work.
Living next door to each other we used to have a safely distanced chat over a hedge with a cup of tea.

We decided that there must be more to life than going out to work everyday so switched to drinking Pauls homemade wine and hatching a plan to start creating Handmade metal garden art.

I have a background in metal work and Paul was a wiz on the internet. Pam and Lou were soon roped in to help with the admin and artistic flair.

Our first product was Raincatchers, which we managed to get onto Etsy and Amazon as well as doing the odd stall at a local Garden centre.

As time went on we started adding new designs to our range.

In March 2022 Paul and Lou had to step away from Halfahedgerow due to family commitments and Pam stepped in to help with everything from admin to metalworking.

We are now exhibiting at more shows and continue to share the odd bottle of wine with Paul and Lou!