Triple Swallow Garden Sculpture

Triple swallow sculpture. This will add movement and interest to any garden setting.




Our triple swallow sculpture has three stainless steel swallows mounted on 6mm mild steel branches which are in turn mounted on an 8mm mild steel pole.

The pole has an h shaped foot to go into the ground to provide added stability.

The swallows will move as the wind catches them to add interest to any garden.

The pole will slowly oxidise to create a beautiful patina.

The swallows will stay bright for longer as the are made from Stainless steel.

When we post these, we have to cut the pole length down, but provide a joint for you to just slot the two haves back together.

The swallow branches will be pushed together but can easily be pulled apart again to the original positions in the photographs.

If you prefer the sculpture to be in one piece, you can collect it directly from us, near Kelso. Please just leave a note when you order it.


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